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War Robots: features that drive you to another world

War Robots is a multiplayer game created by Pixonic, from Russia. It is a third person shooting game. Here as the name suggests that you will be operating battle-tech Robots and fighting in the combat field to knock out your opponents from the ground. The game was launched on 14th of April 2014 for the users of Android, Microsoft Windows, fire OS, and the iOS platform.

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War Robots Gameplay

There are a total of 12 sites in the game where you will be plunged into one of the battlefields in the start. All of the 12 maps will be having their gameplay, duration, and structure. There is various multiplayer modes also available that you can enjoy. However, there is a mode named Skirmish, which is only available on the last four days of the week that is Thursday to Sunday.

Now, here comes the turn of choosing the robots; each player will be given 15 seconds to select a robot that they find suitable for them. However, to get a top-notch quality of robots, you require funds in the game, which can be earned by a lot of ways. But the best and easy way of getting a generous amount of funds is by bringing into play the War Robots hack. Thereby, you can enjoy your progress in the game, without any fret.

Currency Of Walking War Robots Game

There are five kinds of currencies in the game: silver, Black market keys, power cells, gold, and components.

  • Gold

It is challenging to acquire in the game, but it is very beneficial. However, at every level- up the player is rewarded with 50 gold every time. Furthermore, playing in battles and getting the maximum no. of kills also rewards you with gold.

The gold can be used to purchase various high-quality robots and other pieces of stuff in the game.

  • Black market keys

These keys are used to open three types of typical chests in the game that are the gold, silver, and the Bronze. The keys can be either obtained through fighting the battles or by spending real money. However, if spending money doesn’t seem the best choice for you, then go for the War Robots hack and get a considerable number of keys for free.

  • Silver

It is one of the most easily obtained currencies of the game; however, it is the most beneficial one as well. Silver is required to purchase most of the robots and upgrade them.

  • Power cells

It is the very new currency of the game that is required to trigger the active modules. These can be either purchased in exchange for gold or obtained as the rewards you get on winning the battles.

  • Components

By component, here it means the elements and the weapons of the robots. These are equally beneficial to thrive in the battles. These can be earned through chests which can be only opened through keys, or by exchanging the gold in the game, or real life currency.

These are some of the alluring currencies in the game which entice the players to its gameplay. Now, operate the robots and stand a long run in the battle.