Sling Kong Hack and Cheats – Guides to Get More Coins Online

Sling Kong- Hurl, Leap And Roll In The Jungle

Sling Kong is a slingshot game following the pattern of real-life physics. You are playing in the place of an adorable little monkey here, and you need to jump and swirl around as high as you can and collect coins. These coins are very beneficial in the game to speed up your progress in the game. However, if you fail in collecting as many coins to purchase different pieces of stuff in the game then use the Sling Kong Hack and get access to an unlimited amount of coins to spend in the game.

Hanging through one branch to another, you will also face some fatal plants that breaths fire and you will require to dodge them all and collect coins quickly. Here you will need to avoid falling to the holes in the ground. The game itself looks very easy in the start and will slowly get complicated ahead. Protostar published this amazing Kong game on 6th of August, 2015 to play on both the Android and the iOS platforms.

Importance of coins

Here the coins that you collect in the game are of great use in the game. With these coins, you can play various in-game slots game and much more. You will get fantastic rewards for winning these games. These rewards can be even boosters or some power-ups that will help you in clearing the levels faster in the game. Later on, you will unlock various new characters in the game as well.

Therefore it becomes necessary to keep a good collection of coins in your gaming account so that you can purchase whatever stuff you want to without any worry. However, if you wish to them instantly, then there are only two ways to get instant funds in the game, and that is through exchanging real money or the Hacks. However, if you don’t find spending real-life currency in the game a suitable solution to you then, it’s better to use the Sling Kong Hack. Thereby, you will get access to a generous amount of coins in the game.

Also, you can use the coins to buy alluring themes different from that of a typical jungle theme.

Tips Of Sling Kong Game

Here the only advice in the whole game is that avoid rushing. It is because here the goal is to collect the coins, not in less time. Also, there will be many obstacles in the game that you need to overcome. Therefore, there is no need to rush while you are going up, as this can lead to mistakes, due to which you may require playing the level again from the start. So, rushing while playing can make you lose too much in the game, which I don’t think so is a good option. Don’t be distracted with you score keep playing in the game.

This only single tip will serve you for a long run in the game if you strictly keep it in mind. So, be ready to explore the adventure of the jungle and be the king Kong.