Merge Dragons Hack Cheats – Guides to Get Dragon Gems Online

Merge Dragons- experience merging different things in the dragon world

Listening about the dragons feels so fascinating that we also get captivated in the thought that was we be in the world of dragons. Well, this fantasy of yours will get fulfilled here in the Merge Dragons games. The name itself suggests about its gameplay that it is all about merging the dragons and evolving new species of them in the dragon world.

Here you can combine almost everything and evolve new wondrous things. It is a puzzle game having an adventurous theme along with mysteries. It is a simple fun game with alluring gameplay.  Here along with the puzzles, you will require maintaining the currencies in the game for that you can also make the use of the Merge Dragons hack and get access to an ample amount of credits in the game.


There are two main central funds in the game that are essential for progress in the gameplay. These currencies are the magic currency, Dragon Gem. Let’s discuss these funds one by one below:

  • Magic currency

It is a currency in the game that is required for purchasing Dragon eggs or for constructing tattered coin vaults. These can be stored in the storage chests named the magic coin storage. There is various source of earning the magic coins that you can merge to create some unique things in the game.

The magic coins can be obtained in the game in various ways; all of them are reiterated below.

–    Taping the coin vaults timely

–    Through unlocking the treasure chests in the game.

–    By the amalgamation of the golden apples

–    Merging the ambers.

Apart from the above, you can also obtain it by getting them as a reward on leveling up or as a harvested product of the golden mushroom.

To get the magic currency, you can sell your pieces of stuff in the game or the dimensional jars to get 50 magic currencies.

  • Dragon gems

The dragon gems are the premium currency in the game, which is required to speed up your performance in the game.  It increases the chances of getting premium rewards.  These can be spent for skipping the camp quests, to open the dimensional jars, to purchases various pieces of stuff, to wake up the dragons and much more.

The Dragon gems are scarce to acquire and can only be obtained through some of the ways. The ways by which these can be obtained in the game are by either getting them in exchange for the real money or by tapping the stars of a dragon in the giant dragon gem. You can also merge the giant dragon gem to get a generous amount of dragon gems in the game. However, if you don’t want to spend real money on the gems, then you can opt for the Merge Dragons hack and get access to a vast number of gems.

Now that you have grabbed the right amount of information about the currencies, it’s the time to explore the dragon world and enjoy the ultimate pleasure.