Matchington Mansion Hack and Guides – How to Get Coins

About Matchington Mansion Game

Matchington Mansion game is a mix of management, renovation, and puzzle games. IT means it’s an all in one package for the players. Here in the game offered by the Firecraft Studios, you can design and decorate the interiors of the mansion that has been abandoned for years. To order the furniture for the mansion, you will require a considerable amount of funds in the game. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain a good cash flow in the game; however, if the strategy fails, then you can use the Matchington Mansion hack to catch hold of a considerable amount of cash for your game.

Along with that, you will also have to match the same candies in the puzzle grid.

This doesn’t end here; there is much more to explore yet in the game. You will also meet several characters during the game, and you can interact with them as well. Let’s have a look at the in-game credits of the game.


There are two main currencies in the game that are the stars and the coins. Both of them have their importance in the game.

Coins: coins are required to renovate the mansion; I mean to purchase the furniture and other pieces of stuff for your mansion. Also, if you failed at any level, then you will require spending the coins to play the level again.

Here, I will you some of the best ways by which you can obtain the coins in the game.

  • The prime way is to link your gaming to your facebook account. The action will grant you a sum of 500 coins in the game. Furthermore, you can even collect more coins by completing the levels as well in the game.
  • Last but not least is getting the coins through various free packages and the messages that you get in your account.
  • Last option is to purchase the coins from the app store in exchange for real-life currency.

Stars: Talking about the stars, then these are also very essential for your progress in the game. You will get access to the stars by renovating the mansion and by completing the puzzles levels. These can also be purchased by making in-app purchases.

To ace up the game, you require maintaining them both in a proper amount. You will require these at various points in the game. However, if you are unable to keep the funds in the game, then there is no need to panic; you got the support of Matchington Mansion hack and grab on to an unlimited amount of funds in the game without any worry.

Apart from there are many alluring features in the game that have the propensity to keep the players enticed to itself. Enjoy a fantastic storyline where you not only can makeover the mansion but also can put your thinking skills to test.

So, without wasting any fraction of second here, go and reconstruct the mansion and make it suitable for the customers to live in.