Hyper Heroes Hack and Cheats – Guides to Get More Diamonds and Coins

Hyper Heroes- feel like legends in the implicit world

Hyper Heroes is a fantastic role-playing game that is available for the users of the Android and iOS users. It is a turn-based RPG game where you can build your team and make the collection of legendary heroes as well. The game here offers a thrilling battlefield to the players where they can fight the spectacular battles and show their tactic skills.

The features of the game will leave you amazed and will contemplate trying the game for once. Apart from that, there are few funds in the game, which requires management to speed up the progress in the game. However, if you lack the funds, then there is undoubtedly some odd out there on your side. So, it’s better to use the Hyper Heroes Hack for once to get back to the track and meanwhile figure out the faults.


There are three main central funds in the game around which the whole gameplay revolves around. These currencies are the center of attention in the game and are very important to be kept managed. The currencies that we are talking about here are the diamonds, gold, and the stamina. You need to keep gathering these credits to speed up your progress in the game. Let’s discuss these currencies here in brief:

  • Gold: It is the free currency in the game. Initially, you are provided with a generous amount of gold in the game, but slowly it’ll get hard to acquire in the game.
  • Diamonds: The Diamonds are the top-notch currency in the game, which can be purchased by spending real-life currency. However, a certain amount of diamonds is quite easy to earn in the game. On playing the game first, you get some diamonds in the count of hundreds. Furthermore, these can be also be collected by competing in various competitions in the game.
  • Stamina: It is the time-dependent currency in the game. If you have ever played energy based games, then you may be familiar with this type of currency. Here in the game, several tasks require stamina to get completed.

The stamina keeps on replenishing in the game from time to time. The rise in the level also rewards you with some amount of stamina in the game. However, it will be the only way through which you will be earning the stamina initially in the game. When stamina is spent somewhere then per portion of stamina will provide you one experience point in the game which is essential, if you want to level up yourself in the game.

Apart from these, three one more currency is introduced in the game, which can be only purchased by exchanging money. Rest, you can get these in an unlimited amount by making the use of Hyper Heroes Hack.

These are the four main currencies in the game that are essential to gather in the game.

Now, what are you waiting for? Hasten up. Unleash the incredible power of your favorite real heroes and put your skills to test.