Episode Choose Your Story Hack and Guide – Gems and Passes Cheats

Episode Choose Your Story – Enjoy A Big Story Library And Create Own

Episode Choose Your Story is a simulation game and based on the stories. The publisher of this particular creative idea is Episode Interactive. For playing the game, you are required to participate in different types of stories and focus on completing them quickly. In case anyone is interested in creating own then some specific features are added to. In order to access such features, the interested ones need to spend funds and these can be collected by using Episode Choose Your Story Hack.

In case anyone is interested in following some specific characters then he/she is capable of dealing with all these things. They are able to customize the avatar by changing the outfits and some other elements. You are capable of build some specific relationships in the game for achieving objectives easily and quickly.

Way to play Episode Choose Your Story

For all individuals the game is available with completely new concept. Here, everyone wants to get complete information about the method of playing and some other factors. In case you are interested in getting some guidance or tips then you should take help from upcoming points.

  • Extra passes

Whenever you are going to access an episode then there is an opportunity appears for gathering extra passes. Here, everyone is required to give rating. When you rate the episode and submit is successfully then you are able to get 3 extra passes. All players are able to repeat such process for getting additional passes again. You can get such opportunity whenever you login the account. Try to grab it quickly and avail the maximum benefits you can.

  • Be a part of stories

You are not only able to read the stories. The players can participate in the stories for enjoying it. By participating in these stories, you are able to get lots of benefits and make lots of things easier. While playing the stories, you can see different types of questions. All questions are associated with some options. These one are answers and you need to choose one.

Next step or part is completely based on the answer given by the player. By completing the stories, the individuals can gather a good amount of money as reward. In case you want to make the currency collection easier then you can get help from the Episode Choose Your Story Hack tool.

Key features Of Episode Choose Your Story

Write and publish

The individuals those have creative mind they can write own stories and publish on the game servers. It can help you in earning the game funds and get some popularity quickly. If anyone thinks, he/she can read stories only then it does not true.

Endless options

The game is updated with new stories time to time. In case you do not want to publish own then you can spend a great time by enjoying the existing ones. These options are providing lots of benefits to the individuals and making various elements easier. You should be careful while playing it.