Choices Stories You Play Hack Cheats 2019 – Keys and Diamonds

Choices Stories You Play Give wings to your imaginations

Choices Stories You Play is a teen-focused game where they can fulfill their fantasies from college time. IT is a simulation game where you are playing the role of a college student who has many choices to go on a date with.

The storyline is dividing into several books comprising of a certain number of chapters in between. As the new section will unlock a small segment of the story will reveal, thus maintaining a curiosity among the players. To unlock new chapters, you will require some amount of funds in the game that you can acquire by using the Choices Stories You Play hack.

The chapters are packed with a mix of many feeling such as mystery, romance, and the desires as well. The game is loved by the players a lot, and the game is having 4.6 ratings with a considerable number of downloads from the Google play store.

In-game currency

There are two central funds in the game that are the keys and diamonds. These two currencies hold a vast element in the game, therefore can’t be neglected at any cost. Let’s have a look at what purpose the keys and diamonds play in the game.

Keys: The keys are essential to unleash the new chapters in the game and to dash the progress further in the game. If you have less than two keys only then the new keys are released in your account. However, the developer of the game, Pixelberry has promised the players to do further changes in the game so that the players can get the keys a little bit faster in the game as soon as possible.

Diamonds: The diamonds are required to make the premium choices in the game. We will discuss various types of decisions later in the article.

The diamonds can be earned in the game, once you have completed a chapter. You get one diamond after each chapter you play.

But don’t mistake with the fact that playing the old chapters will also reward you one diamond. The diamond is not offered if you play the chapter second time.

Therefore, if you want to explore the game further by making different types of choices in the game that may require diamonds then, either you have to wait, or as an alternative, you can use the Choices Stories You Play hack and get access to a generous amount of diamonds in the game.

Choices Stories You Play

There are different types of choices that can be made in the game. Few of them are Diamond choices, impact upon choices, overriding diamond choices, timed choices, matchmaking choices, and much more. These choices are categorized based on different scenarios in the game.

However, the diamond choice that I talked about earlier is the intimate and personal choices that you make in the game such as staying more time with your friends than you usually spend, to purchase clothes, going on dates and much more.

Now that you have grabbed handful knowledge about the gameplay get ready to explore the virtual college and enjoy.