Animation Throwdown Hack and Cheats – How to Get More Gems and Coins

Animation Throwdown – cards with your favorite animated characters

Do you have card games always on your brain? If yes, then you should try the fantastic game by Synapse games, Chinzilla. They have developed a great free collectible online game with a little twist of combining a total of five animated TV shows for their users to have fun. The gameplay is all about playing the games turn wise on a virtual platform.

The game is available to be downloaded from most of the stores, including the App Store, Steam, and the Google play store. The users can also enjoy playing the game direct via the web platform named Kongregate.

Animation Throwdown Gameplay

Here the game starts from choosing the available characters from the shows. Based on the styles you choose, they will do some damage to your opponent player when your turn comes.

You can also match the characters to create even a more influential role in the cards, which can cause most of the damage. But here’s a twist, you can only create the combos after researching which can even take 6 hours.

Slowly, you will be able to unlock many other characters from the different shows in the game as well. Unlocking new characters will require some resources in the game that you can either patiently collect in the game or can use the Animation Throwdown hack to get unlimited amount of resources in the game.

Currency Of Animation Throwdown Game

There are several coins in the game that you required in the game to thrive longer in the battles.

Gems: The gems can be purchased by spending real life currency in the game. These are used to buy the premium card deck, multiple timers, and power-ups, and opportunities to play more times in the challenges.

Nixon coins: On these coins, the head of M. Nixon is carved, that’s why called so. The coins can be earned in the battle arenas, winning the events and in the adventure mode only. These can be utilized to purchase the shop standard card decks.

Golden turds: These are the turds that are made of precious diamonds. To collect these gems studded turds you will require to play in the Adventure mode and can be spent on conventional as well as legendary cards.

These were some of the main currencies in the game; however, there are a lot much more in-game funds that you will get to know about while playing.

Apart from that, there are some daily quests in the game that you can play to catch hold of a certain amount of gems as a reward. These quests are playing combos, unlocking new cards, fighting a certain number of arena battles and to play with a deck having a particular character from the TV show. However, if you don’t want to rack your brains in these kinds of stuff, then use the Animation Throwdown hack and get a generous amount of gems in the game.

These were some of the alluring highlights of the game that make its players enticed in the game. Now, without wasting any moment here, go and see who will conquer whom in the battle of brain and brawn.