Air Serbia Virtual is a voluntary, non-profit organization created with the goal to provide you, the pilot, a realistic but yet very fun environment in which you will experience what it is like to fly for a real airline. We are focused on online flying, using the VATSIM network although offline flying is also allowed. By flying with us, you learn about flying, meteorology, radio-communications and participate in a simulated "virtual sky" full of other pilots and controllers.

We are a virtual airline based at Belgrade with an ever growing flight network that spreads around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Our small, yet carefully chosen, fleet operates a wide variaty of flights, ranging from short 45 minute hops to 6 hour adventures to Dubai. During the summer and winter seasons, we adjust our schedules and incorporate some interesting tourist destinations. This makes for an interesting, high diversity, flight network that caters to every pilot.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to extend our operations across the entire globe and become one of World's leading virtual airlines gathering aspiring pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels thus creating a professional and educational yet fun atmosphere for pilots to enjoy.


Why Air Serbia Virtual?

With many virtual airlines out there, it is hard for pilots to decide which is the right one for them. We offer numerous perks and services that are available to our pilots. From automated flight briefings, an easy to use ACARS client to a professional training department ran by a real world ex-727 captain!

To get the best idea on whom we are, how we operate and what we strive for, please read our Policy and Operations Manual.

Air Serbia Virtual Statistics

General Information

Launch Date April 23rd, 2011
Operating for: 1093 days
Callsign Serbian

General Statistics

Total Hours Flown: 5863 hours
Total Flights Flown: 3862 flights
Total Flights Flown Today: 0 flights
Total Fuel Burned: 15773037 lbs
Total Passengers Floww: 1313573 passengers
Pilots: 53
Total Aircraft in Service: 21 aircraft

Recruitment Information

Pilot Recruitment Status Open
Staff Recruitment Status: Closed
Pilot Vacancies 47
Staff Vacancies 0
Pilot Applications in Queue 0

Monthly Statistics

Total Hours Flown in April 26 hours
Total Flights Flown in April 21 flights
Total Fuel Burned in April 126479 lbs
Passangers Flown in April 11674 passengers
Total Miles Flown in April 7970 nm
Pilots Recruited in April 4 pilots
Average landing rate in April -207.67 fpm

Flown Flights Map