Welcome - Air Serbia Virtual

Welcome to Air Serbia Virtual!

We are a virtual airline based at Belgrade with an ever growing flight network that spreads around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Our small, yet carefully chosen, fleet operates a wide variety of flights, ranging from short 45 minute hops to six hour adventures to Dubai. During the summer and winter seasons, we adjust our schedules and incorporate some interesting tourist destinations. This makes for an interesting, high diversity, flight network that caters to every pilot.

Our fleet consists of Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and ATR72 aircraft with plans to expand in the near future! Our current fleet has been carefully chosen based on high quality addons available for all the mentioned aircraft.

About us

Air Serbia is a voluntary, non-profit organisation created with the goal to provide you, the pilot, a realistic but yet very fun environment in which you will experience what it is like to fly for a real airline. We are focused on online flying, using the VATSIM network, although offline flying is also allowed. By flying with us, you learn about flying, meteorology, radio-communications and participate in a simulated "virtual sky" full of other pilots and controllers.

Our mission is to extend our operations across the entire globe and become one of World's leading virtual airlines gathering aspiring pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels thus creating a professional and educational yet fun atmosphere for pilots to enjoy.

We are a certified VATSIM Partner and Authorized Training Organisation with permission to issue P1 ratings and a Global One Alliance Member partner airline.


Airline Statistics and Quick Info

Callsign Serbian
Pilot Recruitment Status
Staff Recruitment Status:
Pilots: 57
Total Flights Flown: 3905 flights
Total Hours Flown: 5965 hours
Recruiting a320